Canadians Write Letters To Clinch Their Dream Home

Canadians write letters to clinch their dream homes.

Canadians write letters to clinch their dream homes.

It’s all an outcome of the country’s hot real estate market.

And in a hot market prospective homeowners will just about try anything to clinch the deal.

Sometimes it works.

So more and more prospective real estate owners are writing heartfelt letters to people selling their homes.

Often real estate agents are asked often by their clients to deliver notes.

These notes are┬ásprinkled with mentions of single parents, millennials saving up for a first property or young couples looking for a place to raise a family. They often mention how much the prospective buyer loves features of the home, like a big backyard, stunning wood floors or a spacious kitchen, and frequently talk about the sender’s occupation, hobbies and hopes for the property.

While the letters could be viewed by some as desperate and having a negligible effect on the offers process, some realtors describe them as a “must” because they said sellers often seriously consider sentiments relayed in a note when choosing what offer to accept, especially when a home has long been in the family.

Montreal realtor Amy Assad hasn’t heard of bidders offering anything as creative as a KISS t-shirt, but said letters have been cropping up in the province in recent years.

And carry the most weight when they’re given to sellers who have lived in a home for a long time.

“People want to know they are trading their family home to another family,” she said, noting she has had clients bid $10,000 less than others but still snag homes.

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