Cats Help Sick People Get Better

Cats Help Sick People Get Better

Cats help sick people get better as much as dogs do.

For eons dogs have been preferred as therapeutic assistants in helping people.

So dogs move over and step aside.

Cats are entering your turf.

It held true for a long time that more research has been done on dogs and their impact on sick people.

But that is changing.

For example.

A research team from the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California-Davis published a study in the journal Frontiers in Veterinary Science.

It dealt about interactions between family house cats and children with autism.

And it noted that cats “often provided valuable bonding, attention and calming affect to the (autistic) child.”

Slowly but surely people and health practitioners are realizing that dogs are not the only ones that can help people.

There also is a new trend.

More and more different types of animals are part of helping sick and depressed people feel and get better.

Today pigs, ferrets and llamas are part of the equation.

Cats Help Sick People Get Better

Until recently cats have been ignored.

The feeling was that their unpredictable temperaments and difficulty in training them made them unsuitable for helping sick people.

Research and opinion are starting to coalesce around the benefits of animal-assisted therapy.

Animal-assisted therapy is seen as helping people with autism, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and other concerns.

And major research is being amassed on the field.

Purdue University, in conjunction with the Human Animal Bond Research Institute, is compiling information on the human-animal bond.

So far a total of some 30,000 articles have become part of the research collection.

And the demand for therapy animals often exceeds the supply.

And these animals are not just being used in hospitals and homes for the elderly but in such places as clinics, workplaces and even universities during exam time.

Here is the full story.

And one more thing – cats are unique and often when you think you have them figured out it turns out not to be these case.

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