China Bullies Canada Big Time

China Bullies Canada Big Time

China bullies Canada big time and it needs to stop.

Prime Minister Trudeau needs to say – enough is enough.

And we can thank Donald Trump for it all.

He has always treated Canada like dirt.

Here is the background.

Trump requested the Canadian government arrest a senior Chinese technology executive so that she could be extradited to the United States.

The Americans want Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of telecom giant Huawei, extradited so she can face fraud charges in the U.S.

The Americans say she misled U.S. banks in a bid to get around American sanctions on Iran.

Canada complies with the American request and arrests Wanzhou in Vancouver who is en route from Hong Kong to Mexico.

China Bullies Canada Big Time

But when Canadian authorities arrest her and subsequently release on bail Beijing threatens Canada with grave consequences if Meng is not freed.

And that’s when the proverbial shit hits the fan.

The Chinese get tough with Canada and retaliate on several different levels.

Negotiations between the two countries over a coveted trade deal stop.

And it exposes two different viewpoints on how Canada and China view trade.

But the failure in talks also underscores a misalignment over how the two nations view trade.

“China tries to persuade – and very effectively persuades – other countries that they do trade agreements as a favour … We see it as a gift from China.

And a way to get a trade agreement with China is to meet with Chinese government officials,” says David Mulroney, Canada’s former ambassador to China.

“You go through government, so when there is a crisis in the relationship – and there is now – China simply goes silent.”

China Bullies Canada Big Time

But China goes further.

It detains and arrest Canadians under various pretexts of violating Chinese laws.

At some point 13 Canadians are either jailed or detained by Chinese authorities.

But Canada does next to nothing about it.

It asks for these Canadians to be set free in measured tones and the usual diplomatic language.

And that to put it mildly is not good enough.

So what’s the Trump connection?

Trump is in a serious trade war with China.

He has imposed major punitive duties on Chinese goods and the Chinese have retaliated in kind.

And Trump constantly is looking for ways to pressure the Chinese to give in to his demands.

The arrest and extradition request of Wanzhou is a great example.

Wanzhou is not just another Chinese technology executive.

Her father is one of the most influential and powerful men in China.

He founded Huawei, one of the world’s largest tech firms

As well the Chinese are beginning to realize that Trump is mightier than they are in this trade war.

So Canada is totally screwed.

The Chinese are furious.

So their anger turns to Canada in a furious and vicious way.

And the Trudeau government takes it all.

This is nonsense.

Canada should and must stand up to China the way it has stood up to Trump.

China currently places literally anyone it feels like under secret detention.

Their citizenship does not matter.

So not only does Canada need to stand up to this evil practice but the whole world does.

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