China No Longer Accepts Our Plastic Trash – Where Will It Go?

China no longer accepts our plastic trash.

China no longer accepts our plastic trash.

And that amount is staggering.

A total of 111 million metric tons of plastic will have nowhere to go.

China for a long time was the dumping ground for the world’s plastic.

And there was a reason for it.

The Chinese realized that plastic garbage could be repurposed into bits and bobs and then be exported for a profit.

And it was a win-win situation.

The world’s major cities could get rid of their plastic garbage in a cheap way.

And the Chinese could take it and make a buck doing so.

Since 1992, China had been importing¬† 45 per cent of the world’s plastic waste.

But then in 2017 the Chinese decided they did not want the world’s plastic anymore.

So countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and South Korea stepped into the breach and accepted the West’s discarded plastic.

But soon a problem developed. There was so much plastic that the new countries could not deal with. They did not have the required infrastructure to get rid of it.

And now some of those countries are considering a similar plastic ban as China’s.

So it piled up.

And between now and 2030 that pile-up will total 111 metric tons.

And it will have nowhere to go.

So a slow but steady realization is coming into the forefront – Western countries will have to find the way and means to deal with the plastic scourge.

And even China no longer accepts our plastic trash, some experts are saying that Canada has the ability to do deal with its plastic waste.

But so far nothing has emerged.

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