City Dwellers Do Not Feel At Home

City dwellers do not feel at home, all over the world.

City dwellers do not feel at home all over the world.

And the number of people feeling that way has increased dramatically.

The company that owns IKEA published a report showing that 35 per cent of people living in cities do not feel at home in their house or apartment.

Two years ago, a similar study showed that 20 per cent said they didn’t feel at home in their living space.

That is significant given the 15 per cent increase in two years.

The study surveyed 22,000 people in 22 countries.

So what does it mean for people to feel at home in any space?

It could be house, a condo or an apartment.

The IKEA ethnographers cite five factors essential to feeling at home:

Privacy, security, comfort, ownership and belonging.

City Dwellers Do Not Feel At Home

But for many people these five needs are not being met.

One trend evident is that a lot of people love smaller cities versus big ones.

“Our physical homes are getting smaller, smarter, busier and noisier,” the report says.

“All of this impacts on how successfully a single space can deliver what we need from it—functionally and emotionally. When we can’t get what we need at home, we head outside.”

So what does this mean?

‘Well, we’ve learned much more about what goes into creating the feeling of home, and how to make it feel better. We’ve learned how important neighbourhoods and communities are in our homemaking experiences.

“In fact 64 per cent of people globally would rather live in a small home in a great location as opposed to a large home in a less than ideal location.

“And 23 per cent of people feel they have to leave the home to find alone time.”

And 60 per cent want to create a home that differs from the one they grew up in.

The IKEA report has been published since 2013.

Insights from the report inform the strategy, product development, and marketing initiatives for the world’s largest furniture manufacturer.

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