City Slickers Seek Mother Nature Why?

City slickers seek Mother Nature's solace.

City slickers seek Mother Nature

And with good reason.

Study after study confirms that communing with Mother Nature is good for you on many different levels.

It helps you sleep better, it reduces anxiety,  it gets your creative juices going, it helps you deal better with the daily hurly burly of life.

But, unfortunately Mother Nature is not always readily available for city slickers.

So that inability has resulted in a new business – a business that is booming.

It is the natural sound business.


It replicates the sounds of Mother Nature that you can listen to and or watch on a variety of apps and videos.

“According to the 2016 census, 82 per cent of Canadians live in large or medium-sized cities. Cut off as we are from nature much of the time – living in condos, not around campfires – huge numbers of people are now enjoying the effects of natural sounds online.”

Here are more details.

And there is an app – Calm.

Calm helps you relax, helps you sleep better and uses a lot of sounds from nature.

It is the number one app in the App store.

City slickers seek mother nature.

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