Comedian Bill Cosby Inmate NN7687

Comedian Bill Cosby Inmate NN7687

Comedian Bill Cosby inmate NN7687 has a new home – a spartan jail cell.

It is a single 7-by-13-foot cell with a 10-foot ceiling.

This is in sharp contrast to the comedian’s luxury lifestyle.

The 81-year-old comedian was sentenced from three to 10 years in prison for the sexual assault of Andrea Constand, a former Temple University employee.

Previously Cosby enjoyed the lifestyle of the Rich and Famous.

He owned a private jet, artwork and dozen of classic cars.

He had homes in New York, Massachusetts and Nevada.

His fortune was an estimated $400 million.

Comedian Bill Cosby Inmate NN7687

But today that is all gone.

Today home is m maximum-security state prison in Pennsylvania known as SCI Phoenix.

Most of the inmates in the 3,830-bed prison are doubled up in cells but because officials fear for his safety he has his own cell.

He is allowed to make phone calls.

Also he can receive up to five visitors on each visitation day.

His meals will be sparse and simple.

For breakfast there is fruit and cereal and the usual coffee, tea and milk.

On Saturday pancakes are available.

For lunch and dinner there is more variety.

For lunch it could be a cheese pizza or a garden burger with bread.

Dinner could be roast pork or a tofu oat burger.

He must attend sex offender counseling sessions since he was designated as a “sexually violent predator” as part of his sentence.

He can work at a job that pays between 19 and 42 cents an hour.

Many tasks involve maintenance of the 164-acre prison, which has a 1.5-mile perimeter.

He could also work in the library, chapel, medical facility or kitchen.

Like all prisoners he is allowed outside for two hours in the morning and two more in the afternoon.

He will undergo psychological and medical examinations.

Bill Cosby’s career is one of ground-breaking comedian to ground-breaking sexual predator.

And his criminal behaviour has shook a friend of his to his very core. 

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