Controversial PETA Decries Meat Idioms

Controversial PETA Decries Meat Idioms

Controversial PETA decries meat idioms such as bring home the bacon.

And that has stirred up a storm.

PETA a controversial animal rights group made outrageous statements.

It said that “flogging a dead horse” or “taking the bull by the horns” is the same as homophobic and racist language.

“Just as it became unacceptable to use racist, homophobic, or ableist language, phrases that trivialize cruelty to animals will vanish as more people begin to appreciate animals for who they are and start ‘bringing home the bagels’ instead of the bacon,” PETA says.

The group is well-known for its often publicity-generating efforts to save animals.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is the world’s largest animal right group.

It has more than 6.5 million members.

As a rule the group focuses on animal welfare in North America.

Controversial PETA Decries Meat Idioms

It realizes it will generate a lot of more publicity that way.

But it tends to ignore serious problems affecting wildlife in Africa.

And PETA used Twitter to spread its latest controversial messages.

Instead of “kill two birds with one stone” say “feed two birds with one scone,” and instead of “being the guinea pig,” say “be the test tube,” PETA  says.

But to a lot of people PETA had gone too far.

Here is a smattering on what some people said on Twitter.

“It’s a strong enough statement to say don’t be cruel to animals. I’m not saying people are more important than animals, but you appear to be saying that some people are the same as animals, and that’s what racists, homophobes and ableists say.”

“Hi, @peta. As someone who has had homophobic slurs shouted at him and seen individuals physically threatened and beaten while anti-LGBTQ epithets were hurled, your stupidity is not even laughable— it is offensive to equate common animal idioms to racism, ableism, or homophobia.”

Controversial PETA Decries Meat Idioms

And to get people even more riled up PETA said this about feminists.

“Real feminists should stop eating eggs.

“Anyone who’s upset about the sexual abuse of women should be equally intolerant of the sexual abuse of females of any species.”

PETA’S response was:
“With so much negativity in the world, why not lighten up, smile a little more, and use language in a way that encourages being kind to animals?”

But not all of PETA’s efforts are inflammatory.

PETA does good work.

It recently was instrumental in luxury brands using mohair for clothing.

The reason?

Goats were being slaughtered and then being sheared for their wool.

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