Cool Conversations Needs Your Help

Cool Conversations Needs Your Help

Cool Conversations needs your help in getting more subscribers.

Cool Conversations started last November.

It was borne out of the idea to start a new information hub.

A new information hub where you can enjoy “the most interesting news of the day.”

And every Monday listen to our podcast – Cool Conversations, the place where you meet people from Main Street to Wall Street to Sesame Street and listen to their fascinating stories.

The newsletter has one objective – to give readers an informed, knowledgeable look at the news.

And we bring you news and perspective that you likely won’t find anywhere else.

We want to you news you can rely on, news that is different and news you can understand.

Cool Conversations Needs Your Help

And in an era of endless 24-hour news cycle news we tell readers what it all means.

Cool Conversations news is  insightful and helps readers understand what is happening in the world and what it all means.

It is news you can trust and is written by veteran journalist George Froehlich.

The podcast is also hosted by George Froehlich.

Every week George talks to everyday people with interesting  stories to tell.

He talks to people from Main Street, to Wall Street to Sesame Street.

But we need your help.

Your help to gets us more readers for the newsletter and listeners for the podcast.

Tell all your friends about it.

Just click here and you can help and it’s so easy, we promise.

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