Crescent Beach Homeowners Face Being Under Water

400 Crescent Beach homeowners face being under water.It may take decades, but the city is already zeroing in on a "managed retreat"

Crescent Beach outside Vancouver is stunning.  But 400 Crescent Beach homeowners face being under water.

It is an idyllic place.

It offers you everything.

The charm of a small village.

There are plenty of small little shops – a lot of them full of antiques and other nick knacks.

There is a long walkway right beside the ocean – perfect for long strolls, perfect for enjoying life.

There are some decent restaurants – quite a few right along the ocean..

When you go there you feel as if you are being transported into an era of bygone days.

It is the perfect place for getting away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

And it is a mere 30 minutes plus from Vancouver.

And there is another aspect that makes Crescent Beach terrific – the ocean.

It is right there for all residents and visitors  to enjoy.

But is an ocean with a two-edged sword as is the village of Crescent Beach.

Stunning but also deadly.

And what is going to happen to this sea-side community is foreshadowing of what similar  communities all over the world will have to deal with eventually Рrising sea water.

And the impact of the rising sea water will be devastating to similar communities all over the world.

City of Surrey engineer Matt Osler says it may take decades before climate change floods Crescent Beach, but the city is already zeroing in on a “managed retreat” of homes and businesses as the preferred solution.


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