Criminals Launder Millions Vancouver Casino Money

Criminals Launder Millions Vancouver Casino Money

Criminals launder millions Vancouver casino money on an unprecedented scale.

And these money laundering schemes started in China and ended up in Vancouver casinos.

The money-laundering schemes had been whispered about for years but nothing ever became of it.

The then-Liberal government of Premier Christy Clark ignored warnings her government received about money laundering.

It was only after a new NDP government was elected that the whole money laundering issue came under scrutiny.

The new Attorney-General David Eby ordered an investigation.

And the results were shocking.

The Guardian newspaper published a story with new details about Vancouver’s casino money laundering.

It reported that Eby put it this way before a federal parliamentary committee earlier this year.

“It was on one of my first days as minister responsible for gambling that I was briefed by our provincial regulator as part of the briefings I received as the new minister responsible.

“The first words that I heard at that briefing from a member of our regulator, the gaming policy and enforcement branch, were, “I think we are going to blow your mind.”

Criminals Launder Millions Vancouver Casino Money

“I was shown video and photographs of individuals wheeling large suitcases packed with $20 bills, others bringing stacks of cash to casino cages.

” I was astounded by the audacity of those involved. On a purely practical matter, $800,000 in twenties is very heavy. It looked like they were helping somebody move a box of books.

“I was equally astounded that this activity had been taking place in British Columbia without an effective criminal, legal, regulatory, or policy response for almost a decade. There have been, to my knowledge, no related criminal charges or tax prosecutions to date related to the activity that I witnessed.

“We are famous internationally – or, more accurately, we have become infamous – for money laundering,” Eby said.

And this practice started in 2009 and ran for six years until 2015.

But despite that the previous Liberal government rejected its acquiescence  in the money laundering schemes.

And those schemes resulted in unacceptable high Vancouver real estate prices.

And accelerated the province’s deadly opioid crisis.

Want to know why?

Here is the full story.


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