It’s A Good Thing Finally The Trudeau Government Orders CRTC To Investigate Shady Sales Practices Of The Telephone Companies

It's a good thing: the CRTC to investigate shady sales Practices of the Telephone Companies.The government has finally acted.

It’s a good thing: the CRTC to investigate shady sales practices of the telephone companies.

The government has finally acted.

So let’s applaud the Trudeau government.

They have taken decisive action.

It’s taken a long time.

But finally the Trudeau government acted when its regulatory agencies refused to do so.

And it makes you wonder why the government’s own regulator agency refused to deal with it.

For months now consumers have been complaining about the unsavoury telephone companies are using to get new customers and to entice existing customers to upgrade their services.

The government ordered the regulatory body – the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) –  to investigate the unscrupulous sales tactics  of Canada’s telephone companies.

The order came from Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development.

The minister also called for a public inquiry so that Canadians can express and voice their concerns. The resulting report which should call for solutions will be made public.

“Canadians have clearly expressed concerns. We’ve heard them loud and clear and we’re taking action,” Bains said.

Ottawa acted after the CRTC refused to investigate the sales practices of the telephone companies.

And you can be sure that the telephone companies are not going to like this one bit.

They have been getting away with doing whatever they have wanted to for far too long..

Canadians are paying some of the highest internet prices in the world.

We have to wait forever, often hours to get through to a customer service rep for as much as an hour or longer to talk to someone in person.

That is unacceptable given the high prices we have to pay for their services.

The problems with the telephone companies have been brewing for some time now.

Customer complaints about sales practices and poor service reached an all-time high last year. 

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