Dave Gerry Award-Winning TV Fixture

Dave Gerry was a reporter on the Vancouver television scene for decades.His memorable stories were known for their wit, charm and unique perspective.

Dave Gerry was a reporter on the Vancouver television scene for decades.

His memorable stories known for their wit, charm and unique perspective captured the audience’s attention.

He worked for CKVU, later known as CITY-TV.

He moved to Toronto for Global Television.

And his last gig was at CTV News at Six in Vancouver.

He retired in 2016.

During his 40-year career he worked for every major Canadian broadcaster

He was graduated from the Journalism program at University of Western Ontario in his hometown of London and worked as a general assignment reporter.

In 1985 he and his family moved to Vancouver.

For more than 20 years he produced feature stories, comedy specials and documentaries.

His foraging abilities to uncover great, unique and fascinating human interest stories garnered him more than a dozen provincial, national and international awards, the most prestigious being the international Edward R. Murrow award for writing.

Three years ago Dave was given a lifetime achievement award by the RTNDA, Canada’s national association for electronic journalists.

A Consummate Raconteur, Storyteller – The World Of Television And His Excellent Adventures – What’s Dave Gerry Up To Now?

In this episode of Cool Conversations Dave talks to George Froehlich about:

Why his grandchildren are his greatest treasurers.

Painting and sculpting – are passions he still enjoys.

How foraging for mushrooms with his dad taught him the art of foraging for stories.

Why he wanted to be a vet but his math skills sucked.

Why he is taking naps with his grandchildren .

The recluse logger who became an Armani model.

Finding the savant engineer near the base of Mount Baker in Washington State who built the Apollo era Lunar Rover.

And Dave says goodbye to his TV friends aka audience.

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