David Picoski – On Assignment Around The World

David Picoski used to be away from home as much as 250 days a year.His job was a recordist for one of the CBC’s The Journal.

David Picoski used to be away from home as much as 250 days a year.

He travelled the world.

That was his job.

His job was that of a sound recordist for what was one of the most prestigious public affairs programs in the world – the CBC’s, The Journal.

David was a member of the Journal’s documentary unit.

His assignments took him all over the world – often he was away as much as two months at a time.

He lived in London, England for 20 weeks; 10 weeks in Beirut.

If there is one common theme in David’s life it is travelling.

He spent a year in New Zealand and for one year he travelled throughout Asia.

Mexico was another one of his travel destinations.

He journeyed by motorcycle  with a friend. They had met in Thailand and then again in Jackson,

Mississippi. And then Mexico was their next destination.

In this edition of Cool Conversations David talks to George Froehlich about:

Actor Jeremy Irons and what he did with his son prior to being interviewed.

What’s it like to sit down to a great lunch in Beirut and not far from you artillery shelling was busy trying to destroy the area.

What’s it like to live in a new country for months and weeks. How do you adapt or do you?

What was country singer Garth Brooks really like.

And what about the time he was in Central America with legendary CBC journalist Ann Medina and they went shopping at the local market and bought a couple of lovebirds.

And where was he when he heard about his first child.

Why he loves cooking.

And a whole lot more.

Here is David Picoski’s Facebook page.

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