Deadly Fentanyl Can Kill 25 Million

Deadly Fentanyl Can Kill 25 Million

Deadly fentanyl can kill 25 million people and it would only take 118 pounds of it.

It is so deadly that only a few milligrams will kill a person.

That is the equivalent of a few grains of salt.

The fear among intelligence agencies is that will become a weapon of terror for extremists.

Right now fentanyl consumption is growing by leaps and bounds.

It’s impact is deadly.

In Canada alone 2,066 people died from fentanyl overdoses in the first six months of this year.

And in April a U.S. state trooper discovered 118 pounds of the deadly drug in a truck marked U.S. Mail.

It was swerving on a freeway in Nebraska.

Bloomberg News reported that:

“The fatal potential of even glancing contact with fentanyl is a major reason why national security experts are becoming alarmed at the prospect of it being used to sow terror.

‘The drug is “a significant threat to national security,” says Michael Morell.

He is the former acting director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)under President Barack Obama.

“It is a weapon of mass destruction,” he says.

Deadly Fentanyl Can Kill 25 Million

And ground-up fentanyl is deadly.

It could be placed on everyday objects.

If people put their fingers in their mouths or rubbed their eyes they would die.

And any half-competent chemist can make fentanyl.

Fentanyl is a huge money-maker.

One kilogram bought in China will cost anywhere from $3,000 (U.S.) to $5,000 (U.S.).

But it will be worth up to $1.5 million (U.S.) when sold drug dealers sell it in the United States.

Most of the fentanyl entering North America comes from China.

And that has created a new type of drug lord that defies the traditional image.

Here is Bloomberg News again:

“Among the 5,000 apartments, on a high-rise’s 20th floor, lives Yan Xiaobing, a chemicals distributor with short, spiky hair.

“His wife, Hu Qi, operates an English tutoring business. Their social-media feed shows the couple and their two young children under blue skies at the beach and posing at landmarks in Europe and Japan.

“One photo shows Yan reading to pupils in a classroom.

“In half-frame glasses, blue plastic house slippers and button-down shirt, Yan could have passed as an ordinary office worker when Bloomberg News reporters found him late last year.

“Filling the apartment doorway with his 6-foot frame, he expressed soft-spoken bafflement at the portrait the U.S. Justice Department paints of him: not a modest businessman, but a new type of international drug dealer. “This is horrifying,” he says.

“Their investigation must have gone wrong.”

Deadly Fentanyl Can Kill 25 Million

And Canada is facing a fentanyl crisis.

But it is refusing to really get tough with the Chinese government.

The reason?

The government is afraid it would jeopardize trade relations between the two countries.

Most fentanyl comes from China and is produced in Chinese factories.

From there it is shipped to North America in containers and in the mail.

And contrary to popular beliefs fentanyl is not only an affliction of young.

But seniors in Canada are also addicted..

And the impact of a fentanyl death tears people apart.

Here is the gut-wrenching story of one mother’s loss.

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