Do You Have A Canadian Loyalty Card? They Are Changing And We Have The Latest Ratings – See How Good Yours Is

Loyalty cards. Do you have a canadian loyalty card? We all have them. In fact, some of us have several of them.

Loyalty cards. Do you have a Canadian loyalty card?

We all have them.

In fact, some of us have several of them.

In 2017 the average Canadian loyalty program member was enrolled in 12.2 programs, out of which 7.3 were actively used.

They are really popular with consumers.

Here the most popular loyalty programs in Canada.

Air Miles leads the pack with 81 per cent of Canadian households belonging to it for a total of 11 million active users.

Next is Shoppers Drug Mart at 66 per cent and Loblaw’s PC PLus with 65 per cent.

And companies love them for two main reasons:

Those with a loyalty card tend to spend their money with the company they hold a loyalty card with.

Also those with a loyalty card tend to spend more than those who do not have one.

And there is one more compelling reason for the businesses to promote their loyalty cards.

By scanning your card every time you buy something the company collects a lot of information about you.

They get great insights about your shopping habits and that information can be used to send you special promotions, custom deals and even give you a bonus deal on your birthday.

And that approach is still in its infancy. In a short period of time those special deals will be geared just towards you. In other words your whole shopping expedition will be constantly updating you and make you aware of special deals as you shop.

But consumers should be aware – the loyalty industry is in a constant state of flux as programs keep changing – all designed to steal away customers from the competition.

Do you have a Canadian loyalty card? You should be aware of the changes.

This is information you need to know.

And here is the latest report on how the various loyalty cards stack up against each other.

Just click here to see where yours stands in the rankings.

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