Doctors Crossing The U.S.-Canada Border Hide Their Dirty Secrets And You The Patient Is Left In The Dark -Part One Of Three

Doctors crossing the U.S.-Canada border hide their dirty secrets:There also is another side to some doctors.Did you know?That some doctors are criminals.

Doctors crossing the U.S.-Canada border hide their dirty secrets:

Doctors as a rule are held in high esteem by most people.

We think of them as healers, people who will and can help us with our medical and emotional problems.

And for the most part that is true.

But there also is another side to some doctors.

Did you know?

That some doctors are criminals.

That Canada’s regulatory medical system is more interested in protecting its doctors than you the patient.

The Toronto Star in a three-part investigative series uncovered practices where doctors come first, with patients left out of the equation.

In essence the newspaper discovered that Canadian doctors who worked in the United States and move back to Canada to practice can have engaged in a variety of illegal acts, have faced disciplinary  hearings and have engaged in malpractice, but will never have to worry that any of these things will be made public.

“You can find out more about the safety record of a kitchen appliance than you can find out about your physicians,” said Robert Oshel, former associate director for research and disputes at the National Practitioner Data Bank, an American clearing house containing information on malpractice payments and disciplinary actions that is not available to the public. “It’s a real problem.”

The biggest problem is that there is no central system that keeps track of all the shady, unethical and criminal practices these doctors have engaged in.

Doctors crossing the U.S.-Canada border hide their dirty secrets. The full extent of what some doctors did is frightening and  and should be of concern to any of their patients.

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