Donald Trump Destroying America

Donald Trump Destroying America

Donald Trump destroying America has consequences for all of us.

Trump is determined to make America white again and go back into history.

An America that was strong.

When it was a great economic power.

Also when racial and sexual minorities were there but not heard from.

A world where white folks ruled and were making lots of money.

It was a world full of white old men dominating the levels of power.

And now Trump resorts to hatred, lies, and anti-racial slurs to make sure his supporters are on board with his vision.

Donald Trump Destroying America

So let’s just list some of the things that are destroying the American empire.

With the mid-term elections just around the corner Trump and the Republicans have released a vile evil campaign video.

Trump is accusing the Democrats of plotting to help people from central America.

A caravan of several thousand asylum seekers from central America are making their way to the United States.

They are hoping they will be given refugee status.

In the campaign video these people are depicted as intent on populating the U.S. with cop killers.

The video shows Luis Bracamontes, a Mexican man,  as an example.

Previously he was deported but returned to the United States.

In February he was convicted of slaying of two California deputies.

It is full of lies and racial hatred.

We have no idea who they are,” Trump says of the migrant caravan.

But previously he said the group  contains “criminals and unknown Middle Easterners.”

And there is more.

Donald Trump Destroying America

Under Trump anti-semitic incidents surged nearly 60 per cent last year.

And here is a sample of some sinister events that took place in the U.S. recently.

In Kansas, a middle-aged man yells, “Get out of my country!” and shoots dead an Indian-born immigrant.

In New York, another man, convinced the white race is being destroyed by interracial marriage,  finds an African-American homeless man and stabs him to death.

Donald Trump Destroying America

And in Pittsburgh Robert Bowers  enters a synagogue and kills 11 people.  He told a police officer:

“They’re committing genocide to my people. I just want to kill Jews.”

“White-supremacist ideology begins with this acceptance that there is this existential threat against the white race, and this gives people license to rationalize doing anything if it will protect or save the white race,” says Mark Pitcavage.

He is an analyst at the Anti-Defamation League. “And this is one of the factors that leads to a lot of violence.”

And since Trump has taken office black people constantly are under surveillance.

The Huffington Post in a major report says:

“Jo Etta M. Harris was nursing her child in her car before a family outing.

“Gil Perkins was talking on the phone outside of his home.

“Kelly Shepard’s boys were shopping for video games.

“And in each instance, someone saw them as suspicious or a threat and called the police.”

And these type of calls have increased dramatically since Trump became president.

So the decline of the American empire is well under way.

Donald Trump is destroying America.

Meanwhile the Trump White House is like a kindergarten with a two-year-old toddler in charge.

So the mid-term elections will be so telling.

The world will discover what everyday Americans are really all about.

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