Donald Trump Had A Testy Phone Call With Prime Minister Trudeau Over Tariffs But He Had His Facts Wrong Again

Donald Trump had a testy phone call with Prime Minister Trudeau, and Trump never let's facts interfere with what he believes.

Donald Trump had a testy phone call with Prime Minister Trudeau, and Trump never let’s facts interfere with what he believes.

The date was May 25 of this year.

The president talked to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about tariffs.

It was a testy call.

Trump aka the Orange One had imposed billions of  dollars worth of tariffs on Canadian goods entering the United States.

And this despite the fact that Trump had told Trudeau he did not have to worry that the U.S. would not impose tariffs on Canadian goods.

But then what else is new? Trump is an accomplished liar.

But Canada wasn’t the only country – Mexico and members of the European Economic Community also were on Trump’s hit list.

There was a feeling that Trump was imposing the tariffs to try to get Mexico and Canada to agree to onerous provisions the Orange One wanted to impose on the two countries for a new North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that had been negotiated for months but with no deal being reached.

So when Trump and Trudeau talked, the Prime Minister pressed the Orange one on the “security issue” the pretext under which the tariffs were imposed.

The U.S. claimed under that provision various Canadian exports to the U.S.  threatened its national security.

And to make his point that came out of nowhere Trump said:

“Didn’t you guys burn down the White House?” referring to the War of 1812.

The only problem was – and this is par for the course – Trump was wrong.

But then, of course, what else is new.

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