Donald Trump Is Destroying America – Just The Way He Wants It

Donald Trump is destroying America.This president is well on his way to re-making the way he sees the U.S.An it boils down to this white old men.

Donald Trump is destroying America.

This president is well on his way to re-making the way he sees the U.S.

An it boils down to this white old men primarily people dominating the levers of power.

White old men who see the world in simple terms when America was strong, a great economic power, when racial and sexual minorities were there but not to be heard from.  A world where white folks ruled and were making lots of money.

Never mind that they often did this on the backs of others. After all there were the rulers and those who were meant to be ruled. Wasn’t that always God’s way.

Government rules and regulations were put there to impede economic progress. And the almighty dollar ruled – so nothing else mattered.

So when Trump says “Make America Great Again”, he refers to the good old days when white wealthy Americans ran the country

And today that is what Trump is trying to do.

For example, keep the poor as poor as possible.

The poor are getting poorer and there is not end in sight.

All rules and regulations on the environment are systematically being removed so that Big Business can go about its  business unfettered.

The judiciary is being packed with arch conservatives.

He is weaponizing it to meet his political ends.

The country is facing a moral crisis – thanks to his constant lying and cheating and even Christians are standing by idly and doing nothing about it.

And a large portion of his base – farmers who saw Trump as the economic Messiah will not be spared from his protectionist policies, his imposition of wide-ranging tariffs that will destroy  their livelihoods.

But he does not care and despite there still is widespread support for Trump among farmers.

And when all is said and done – the presidency no longer exists.

Instead Trump is running the White House and the country like his former business empire.

All key decisions are made by him – ignoring his advisers.

There is no structure or systems in place.

Trump does his own thing when he wants and if he wants to.

And even Prime Minister Trudeau, who so far has been cozying up to Trump, finally admitted that he was betrayed by Trump over the tariff issue.

So the decline of the American empire is well under way.

Donald Trump is destroying America, and it will not stop until Trump no longer is president.

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