Donald Trump Mimics Mafia Bosses

Donald Trump mimics Mafia bosses

Donald Trump mimics Mafia bosses as president.

Some of his tweets, his public, private rants and the way he treats and turns on people are the same as those of New York mafia bosses.

Trump mimics the words, the actions and the behaviour of Vito Corleone, the patriarch of a New York Crime family in the movie The Godfather.

Appointing one key person to be a fixer is common among the Mafia.

The fixer runs interference for the Mafia boss and fixes any potential problems.

Trump’s fixer was the lawyer – Michael Cohen.

Cohen paid off some women Trump had sex with prior to the U.S. election.

In doing so the matter would not become an election issue.

But Cohen has now turned against Trump –  another common situation happening to Mafia bosses.

Cohen pled guilty in a New York court to eight criminal counts .

And he implicated Trump in the money payoffs that Trump has denied had taken place.

When the fixer turns against the boss others in the group follow.

So far Trump is facing the reality that other key members of his group are turning on him by going to the cops and telling all.

David Pecker, the long-time owner of the National Enquirer, is spilling the beans on Trump.

For a long time the tabloid was a major Trump supporter.

It paid off people  to keep quiet about Trump’s sordid business and private affairs.

Another one telling all to the cops is Trump’s long-time chief financial officer for the Trump business empire.

Allen Weisselberg was granted immunity during the police investigation of Cohen.

Donald Trump Mimics Mafia Bosses

Another behaviour of Mafia bosses is to praise those who do not tell all, even they are facing jail.

Trump calls his former campaign manager a good man and says what happened to him is not fair.

Paul Manafort was convicted on eight counts of financial crimes. He is awaiting sentencing and could end up for the rest of his life in jail.

The use of the word rat is common to Mafia bosses. A rat is someone who goes to the police and reveals all the secrets of his boss.

This is what John Dean, the former White House lawyer, did to President Richard Nixon during the infamous Watergate scandal.

And Trump recently referred to Dean as a rat.

Referring to Omarosa Manigault Newman as a dog after her savage book attacking Trump came out.

Trump like any Mafia boss is left to wonder if there any loyalists left.

“Holy shit, I thought Pecker would be the last one to turn,” Trump told a close friend.

Trump ran his business empire like a Mafia boss.

It started with his dad who started the Trump empire.

“In his first big apartment project, Trump’s father had a partner connected to the Genovese and Gambino crime families,” says Trump biographer Michael D’Antonio.

“He dealt with mobbed-up suppliers and union guys for decades.”

Today loyalty is the main value in the White House just what Mafia bosses demand of their underlings.

And even death does not change a mobsters feeling towards his enemies.

Hence Trump’s decision not to pay a full and heartfelt tribute to the late Senator John McCain.

Trump’s disdain for the law started in 1973.
The federal government sued Trump and his father claiming racial discrimination at many of their New York apartment buildings..

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