Donald Trump Reveals His Mafia Approach

Donald Trump Reveals His Mafia Approach

Donald Trump Mafia reveals his Mafia approach, one day after the U.S. mid-term elections.

Trump showed his true colours at a Washington press conference.

At first he tried to sound conciliatory – saying he would work with the Democrats.

But that did not last long.

Instead the lies and threats started.

And the lashing out started.

Here is what he told reporters during an hour-long press conference.

His relationship with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a good one.


He has never made racist remarks.


He wants the United States to heal, instead of being a country divided.


He wants to work with the now controlled Democratic House of Representatives.


And despite Trump’s failure to hold on to the House  he bragged how well he has done as president.


Donald Trump Reveals His Mafia Approach

And then the threats started.

Called the Democrats the “party of crime.”

Gleefully chastised the Republicans that lost their seats because they stood up to him, instead of embracing him.

For example, Utah’s Mia Love.

“Mia Love gave me no love. Too bad. So sorry Mia.”

If the Democrats intend to launch investigations – which they can as the now control the House – of the White House or him, the fight is on.

In fact, he said he would launch investigations against them saying: “two can play.”

What he means is  he would use the FBI and the Department of Justice for that purpose.

And Trump could launch those investigations of some Democrats.

But that would be a blatant abuse of power on his part.

A now that Trump fired  Attorney-General Jeff Sessions  – one thing is certain.

Trump will appoint a new attorney-general who will do his bidding and obey his direction.

And that is something Sessions refused to do.

Donald Trump Reveals His Mafia Approach

He also lashed out at reporters asking him tough questions.

His super testy exchange with CNN’s Chief White House Jim Acosta was extraordinary.

And Trump took his revenge – Acosta had his White House accreditation revoked.

And White House staff eventually wrestled the microphone away from Acosta.

He told April Ryan, an  African-American radio reporter – “to sit down.”

He did not like her question.

But no one should be surprised.

Trump always has practised a Mafia-style of management.

And that will continue.

It not only will continue.

It will intensify because the House is controlled by the Democrats and they intend to make Trump miserable.

Here is how the New Yorker magazine explains it:

The loss in the House of Representatives means that an array of committees—Judiciary, Intelligence, Ways and Means, Foreign Affairs, and others—will now be chaired by Democrats who can initiate, or accelerate, investigations into Trump’s past, his Presidency, and his associates.”

“The Republican leadership in the House has been dreading this prospect for months. Late last summer, Axios (a Washington newsletter) reported that the G.O.P. had compiled a spreadsheet of the many areas in which Trump was vulnerable to investigation.

“The spreadsheet includes, Axios reported, “more than one hundred formal requests from House Democrats [in] this Congress, spanning nearly every committee.”

So watch for the Washington political scene to turn into the arena of political gladiator sports.

The Democrats versus the Republicans – a dirty dismal journey for America.

Who will reign supreme?

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