Donald Trump Screws Canada Again

Donald Trump Screws Canada Again

Donald Trump screws Canada again over the new trade deal.

And that despite the fact that he signed it earlier last month in Singapore.

So let’s not make any bones about it.

Donald Trump is a pariah to the world.

He will screw anybody over as long as he gets his way.

Despite him saying constantly that loyalty is so important to him – it is a lie.

He has no loyalty to anyone.

His only loyalty is to himself.

And no one else.

And like a spoiled brat Trump insisted that the new trade deal be renamed the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) under Trump’s direction.

Previously it was called the American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

But Trump hated it.

So how is Trump screwing Canada?


Donald Trump Screws Canada Again

So far he has refused to remove major tariffs placed on Canadian goods entering the United States.

Again typical Trump.

Make a promise but don’t keep it.

And this despite Prime Minister Trudeau talking to Trump about them several times.

They are duties on Canadian steel (25 per cent) and aluminum (10 per cent).

They were imposed last May by Trump.

And it is estimated they will cost the Canadian economy $3.2 billion in one year.

But despite several attempts by Canadians to have them removed Trump has not removed them.

The situation has reached a critical stage.

Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland says the tariffs contradict the new trade agreement between Canada and the United States.

Donald Trump Screws Canada Again

But Trump is vindictive.

So there is no doubt Trump is still smarting from the fact that Prime Minister Trudeau stuck it to him in Singapore.

That was during the signing ceremony.

So now the Trudeau government has given up on Trump rescinding the tariffs.

It is trying a new strategy.

It is bypassing Trump and going directly to Canadian allies in Congress and others friendly politicians and business people in the U.s.

One company has responded.

The metal tariffs cost the Ford Motor Co. big bucks.

“The metals tariffs took about $1 billion in profit from us,” says Jim Hackett, the company’s chief executive officer.

And he warned, “if it goes on longer, there will be more damage.”

But Canada has to contend with another problem.

With the Democrats now in control of the Congress the whole deal could get scuttled.

The Democrats don’t like portions of the deal and want it changed.

In the meantime, given all the serious issues Trump has to contend with it is highly unlikely he will deal with the tariff issue anytime soon.

And the biggest issue, of course, is Trump himself.

But now things have changed dramatically in the White House.

White House officials and cabinet members who reigned Trump in before are all gone.

That means one thing and one thing only.

Trump now has free reign and can almost do whatever he wants.

And by now Canada finally has realized that you can’t trust anything Trump says.

If you do you are screwed.


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