Donald Trump’s Ugly, Vicious Policy Of Holding Children Hostage And Placing Them In Cages

holding children hostage

Two out of three Americans are opposed to Donald Trump’s policy of separating children from their parents, of holding children hostage.

And placing them in special detention camps, where they are placed in cages.

It is all part of the president’s policy of getting the Democrats to agree to pay for his multi-billion wall along the Mexican-U.S. border.

So people trying to cross into the United States illegally are separated from their children and are placed into detention facilities.

A first for American policy.

And despite Trump’s assertion that he feels terrible for the kids but that his administration is only enforcing the law, which is a bold-faced lie.

What he is doing is holding children hostage, using the kids as pawns so he can get his way and have his wall built.

The children being taken away from their parents is heart-rendering and gut-wrenching.

Listen to it now.

Want to find out what these detention camps are like?

Take a look at one of them.

Here is an inside look of one in Texas.

And despite an ever-growing number of Americans – including part of Christian fundamentalists – are speaking out against his policy, he remains defiant. 

And even his wife Melania has spoken out against Trump’s policy saying – children should not be separated from their parents.

And Laura Bush, a former first lady, called his policy cruel and immoral.

And here is the worst part – Trump is apparently doing this deliberately to rally his faithful supporters, who are totally opposed to immigration.

And they don’t care one whit about the plight of the children.

And here is the irony – a policy designed to stop people from crossing the border is not working.

Illegal border crossings are up, not down.

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