Douglas Reynolds Tremendous Northwest Coast Art Success

1987 was a pivotal year for Douglas Reynolds

1987 was a pivotal year for Douglas Reynolds.

That’s when started working for a Vancouver art gallery specializing in Northwest Coast art.

But his love of Northwest  Coast art started when he was in high school.

He volunteered at the Vancouver Museum.

So he got a first-hand look at the art of Canada’s indigenous people.

The art captured his attention but he never imagined it would lead to a career in Northwest Coast art.

So off he trundled to the University of British Columbia  exploring his interests in Pacific Rim trade.

In 1986 he was graduated with a bachelor of commerce degree.

He then decided he wanted to explore Asia.

And he did,  living there for several years.

Upon his return to Vancouver he decided a career in the Pacific Rim trade was completely wrong.

And out of sheer interest he started working for a Vancouver gallery specializing in Northwest Coast art.

In that job he met many Northwest Coast artists exposing him to their concepts, ideas and their cultural traditions.

Gradually he came to the realization he wanted to open his own gallery.

In 1995 he took the plunge.

The Douglas Reynolds gallery opened that on Granville Street – an area later dubbed as  Gallery Row.

Today – 28 years later – the gallery is one of the most successful Northwest Coast galleries.

It has an A list of international clients one of them being the renowned British artist Damien Hirst.

Well-heeled Vancouver art collectors enjoy the top-notch Northwest Coast artists the gallery represents.

And there is number of up and coming artists hoping to score in the super-competitive Northwest Coast art scene.

Douglas Reynolds has been active in the Northwest Coast art scene working with several groups and organizations to advance Northwest Coast art.

Take a look at some of the great Northwest Coast art in the gallery.

Here are the social media sites where you can learn a lot more about the gallery and its roster of artists with pictures.

The gallery is on Google, 





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