Elephant Conservation Success In Africa

Elephant conservation success in Africa:Elephants capture our imagination and souls.There is something mystifying and almost surreal about them.

Elephant conservation success in Africa:

Elephants capture our imagination and souls.

There is something mystifying and almost surreal about them.

They are gentle, caring giants.

In many respects they mimic humans.

They protect those who are weaker and less sure of themselves when in a herd.

Elephant mothers go to great lengths, often at great risks to themselves, to protect their young.

They mourn when one of their fellow elephants dies.

Elephants have legendary memories – they never forget.

Elephants are smart.

But elephants have had a hard row to hoe.

The reason?

Their beautiful ivory tusks.

And although elephant poaching has declined in the last two years it has taken its toll.

Prior to 2014 in a three year period a total of 100,000 African elephants were killed by poachers.

And during 2011 alone, roughly one of every twelve African elephants was killed by a poacher.

In central Africa, the hardest-hit part of the continent, the regional elephant population has declined by 64 per cent in a decade.

And even though the Chinese government banned the importation in 2017, ivory is still the most desired part.

But now a new trend is emerging – there is a growing demand for other elephant parts.

Parts such as elephant trunks, feet,  the penis, are being used in traditional medicine .

And the hide or skin of the elephant is being used as a remedy remedy for eczema.

Needless to say all of this has alarmed conservationists and elephant lovers all over the world.

And countless efforts have been under way to prevent and stop the poaching of elephants.

But elephant conservation success in Africa has not been all that successful until now.

And it has been a stunning success. 

And major efforts are also underway to save other species that are at risk.

One of them is known as Noah’s Ark.

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