Elephant Moms Mimic Humans

Elephant Moms Mimic Humans

Elephant moms mimic humans  in an amazing display.

And that should come as no surprise because elephants are special.

They do a lot of things humans do.

One of them is elephant moms taking care of their kids just like your mom used to.

If the baby is female the two can stay together for the rest of their lives.

Also moms and their baby elephants are almost inseparable in their first year.

Moms fuss over their babies and cater to all their whims and needs.

But if the babies get too far out of line mom brings them back to reality.

And here is how elephant moms deal with their babies in a human way.

Elephant Moms Mimic Humans

In many respects elephants are like humans.

For many of us elephants are kindred spirits.

They protect those who are weaker and less sure of themselves when in a herd.

Elephants have legendary memories – they never forget.

They are smart.

Also they mourn their dead.

Elephant Moms Mimic Human Moms

Elephants are sensitive to our emotions.

They are gentle and caring.

And we relate to them on many different levels.

Elephants capture our imagination and souls.

There is something mystifying and almost surreal about them.

They protect their young when under attack by forming a circle around their young.

Elephants are sensitive to our emotions.

They are gentle and caring.

That is why we relate to them so well.

And that’s why we get so upset when they are killed by poachers.

So it should come as no surprise that people set up elephant orphanages.

And when people meets these orphans they touched with great emotion.

One of them was that awesome Hollywood personality, Ellen DeGeneres.

She travelled all the way to Nairobi to meet Enkesha, a sweet and incredibly brave young elephant with a heartbreaking past.

Find out more why elephant moms are the best.

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