Major Retail Expansion Exciting Renovations Underway In Downtown Vancouver

Vancouver is a beautiful city with exciting renovations underway In downtown Vancouver.People from all over the world love it here.

Vancouver is a beautiful city, with exciting renovations underway in downtown Vancouver

People from all over the world love it here.

But there are certain parts of Vancouver that are not what you would expect from this jewel by the sea.

To be sure the Downtown Eastside is definitely on the sordid side.

But that should come as no surprise.

Every city has areas that are scuzzy and a blight on the urban landscape.

And Vancouver has its share.

And that area is parts of Granville Street.

There is nothing vibrant, dynamic or exciting about.

Instead is is populated by run-of-the-mill small businesses.

Some of them have been there for eons. It is not so much an eyesore as an area that is much ado about nothing.

There is no real reason for tourists, let alone Vancouverites to visit the area.

People such as Gastown or Davie Street – great areas for shopping, eating out or just plain people watching.

These areas are what people are craving for.

Instead parts of Granville Street are like an oasis of dull and dreary.

But the opportunity is there.

Consider this.

The foot traffic on Granville Street is bigger than the one in Gastown.

And now finally retailers have recognized it.

And they are doing something about.

The area will become vibrant, dynamic and exciting.

Major international brands will locate there.

Some of them for the first in Vancouver.

And the area’s nightclubs and entertainment venues are enlarging their repertoire by offering people options – options to have dinner and or lunch.

All of it points to an area that will become a part of Vancouver in all of its glory.

See what exciting renovations, underway In downtown Vancouver, will look like.

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