Face Transplant Transforms A Young Woman’s Life

Face Transplant Transforms

Face transplant transforms a young woman’s life after a suicide attempt.

Katie Stubblefield’s transformation has been remarkable.

She underwent 20 surgeries over four years to get her new face.

Today Katie is adjusting well to her new face, her new life and a new outlook on life.

In a cruel reversal of the before-and-after show Katie now shows a wide smile and flawless skin.

Katie is so young and beautiful; she could have walked off the cover of Seventeen magazine.

The photographic evidence didn’t persuade Katie.

Face Transplant Transforms

“I never thought of myself as beautiful,” she says.

Her mother, Alesia, wasn’t surprised to hear it. Katie was a perfectionist, she says:

“Katie has a big heart for other people, but she was always so hard on herself.” When I looked at the photos again, I saw a hint of fragility in her face, a glimmer of the cost of being perfect.”

She enrolled as a junior and fell in love with a classmate.

They started talking about marriage.

“This one was just so serious for so young. She just grew up so fast that year.” After the moves. I think she was ready to have some stability and some consistency,” her mom says.

But that relationship ended up in betrayal.

Prior to her suicide attempt, Katie, 21, faced a lot of emotional turmoil.

She underwent surgery for chronic gastrointestinal problems.

It was on March 24, 2014, that her older brother Robert heard gunfire in the family home.

He  found her in the bathroom where she harmed herself.

Robert was devastated.

And she remembers nothing of that tragic day when she lost her face.

In fact, she remembers little of that year.

She was in a hospital in Oxford, Mississippi for a time.

Then she was flown to a hospital in Memphis, Tennessee

And Katie was transferred to Cleveland Clinic in Ohio – the site of her eventual transplant.

Here is the full story.

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