Facebook Uses Unsavoury Tactics

Facebook Uses Unsavoury Tactics

Facebook uses unsavoury tactics in efforts to make itself look good.

The social media behemoth says one thing publicly.

But privately it does another.

The company is the subject of an investigative article by the New York Times.

And it is devastating.

Facebook Uses Unsavoury Tactics

The picture that emerges is Facebook following unsavoury business practices.

And these practices are common within its executive suite.

Every time Facebook faces public scrutiny or is called out on some of its policy it reverts to unethical policies.

The headline of the article sums it up nicely what’s happening at Facebook.

Here is an excerpt from the article.

It gives you a great sense of the operating style of some of its key executives.

“Sheryl Sandberg was seething.

“Inside Facebook’s Menlo Park, Calif., headquarters, top executives gathered in the glass-walled conference room of its founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

“It was September 2017, more than a year after Facebook engineers discovered suspicious Russia-linked activity on its site, an early warning of the Kremlin campaign to disrupt the 2016 American election.

“Congressional and federal investigators were closing in on evidence that would implicate the company.

“But it wasn’t the looming disaster at Facebook that angered Ms. Sandberg. It was the social network’s security chief, Alex Stamos, who had informed company board members the day before that Facebook had yet to contain the Russian infestation.

“Mr. Stamos’s briefing had prompted a humiliating boardroom interrogation of Ms. Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, and her billionaire boss. She appeared to regard the admission as a betrayal.”

Facebook Uses Unsavoury Tactics


And there is more.

Facebook uses a company, Definers.

It specializes in getting dirt on people and has close ties to the Republican party.

No doubt Sandberg was seething again when she read the article.

And the article was more than interesting.

It was the first time that a major world-class newspaper examined the inner workings of one of the world’s most powerful and influential companies.

Until then Facebook executives never really received much public scrutiny.

Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg were seen as brilliant and focussed executives.

Generally nice people doing great work running the social media giant.

After all Zuckerberg loved to talk about how Facebook was the world’s great conversation tool.

The New York Times put five reporters on the story.

All of them top-notch journalists.

They worked on the story for more than six months.

And they interviewed more than 50 people to tell the tale.

The end result is a compelling story of a company that behaves much as so many other major corporations.

And when is said and done there is a simple reality.

Powerful social media companies such as Facebook don’t give a damn about any of us.

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