Fox News – The Evil Empire Of Distortion And Lies, Its Coverage Of Migrant Children In Cages And Its Love Affair With Trump

Fox News – The evil empire of distortion and lies – is a journalism travesty.

And it isn’t even news.

It is a propaganda machine for Donald Trump and his henchmen.

In the Fox world Trump can do no wrong.

And what is most disgusting is the fact that Fox News outright lies, makes up stories, ignores real news.

And it calls it self – fair and balanced.

And the best indication is how Fox News is covering the current situation where Trump is responsible for separating children from their parents.

The children are those of migrant parents seeking asylum in the United States.

And the images of these young children being taken away from their parents are gut wrenching and are causing an uproar in the United States.

But if you watched Fox News you would be told these are all lies and made up by the left-ing media.

So that you get an idea of how Fox is covering the story here are some news stories often with video on how Fox News covers the migrant family issue.

Laura Ingraham told her viewers that where the migrant children are placed – are summer camps.

And Trumps former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, dismissed reports about an immigrant girl with Down syndrome being separated from her mother with a mocking “womp-womp” during an appearance on Fox News.

Another major Fox News personality said that the migrant children were actors.

“These child actors weeping and crying on all the other networks 24/7 right now, do not fall for it, Mr President,” she said, staring directly into the camera. “I get very nervous about the president getting his news from TV.”

On another Fox News program the hosts referred to the cages as nothing more than pens and pens.

And it doesn’t stop. On a morning news shows the hots ranted against the migrant children saying many turn into major gang members.

And the worst part is that Fox News has the biggest cable news audience.

And people believe all this crap Fox News is peddling.

Fox News – The evil empire of distortion and lies. Scary is an understatement.

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