Government Banning Plastic Straws Not Enough

Government Banning Plastic Straws Not Enough:Politicians are listening to environmentalists and scientists who have been saying it for years

Government banning plastic straws not enough:

It’s taken a long time.

But finally politicians are listening to environmentalists and scientists who have been saying it for years – plastic is a an environmental scourge that is choking our oceans, filling our landfills, littering our highways and byways.

And despite some new initiatives and policies to contain the use of plastic the road to containing it is a long and hard one.

The reason?

The amount of plastic that is not recycled is mind blowing.

And the devastating impact of plastic was evident when a dead whale was found to have been full of 64 pounds plastic trash that killed him

The latest effort is curbing and prohibiting the use of plastic straws.

In Canada Vancouver is the first Canadian city to ban plastic straws.

And while announcing a ban on plastic straws makes for good public relations, great headlines and creates a lot of public goodwill in that people tend to think that something finally is being done,  the government banning plastic straws not enough — it  is but a small start and does not go far enough in dealing with the plastic scourge.

In fact, the whole problem of dealing with the plastic scourge deserves a whole new approach and a new of thinking given its magnitude.

And make no mistake about Big Business is not in favour of curbing the use of plastic.

For example, McDonald’s is going to hang on to using plastic straws. 

And the fear among social activists and environmentalists is that the corporate sector will push back on banning plastic straws.

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