The Trudeau Government’s Two-Faced Policy On Asylum Seekers

Two-Faced policy on asylum seekers:Politicians love speaking out of both sides of their mouths.And now the Trudeau government has refined that approach.

Two-Faced policy on asylum seekers:

Politicians love speaking out of both sides of their mouths.

That is a given.

And now the Trudeau government has refined that approach.

On the one hand it is getting tougher on asylum seekers.

On the other hand it is allowing them to work in industries that a lot of Canadians would rather not work in for a variety of reasons. And this is happening while their applications to stay in Canada are being reviewed.

Consider this.

Earlier this month the government got tougher on asylum seekers.

The Trudeau government is under fire by the Tories and by a growing number of Canadians distrusting how it deals with immigration issues and asylum seekers.
And the government signalled in a clear-cut way that its easy-going policy is changing.
The first salvo came with the announcement from three cabinet ministers that Canada is not an open country for anyone who wants to come and live here.
Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen went to Nigeria to express his concerns about the number of illegal crossing by Nigerians from the U.S. into Canada.

The issue of asylum seekers is a hot political potato for the Trudeau government. In February it was revealed that Canada had the highest acceptance rate for asylum seekers in 27 years.

The Trudeau government realizes the immigration-asylum issue could hurt it and so it has begun an early campaign of telling Canadians Canada will not let anyone come here without the proper documentation.

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