Great Canadian Fall Winter Weather

Great Canadian Fall Winter Weather

Great Canadian fall winter weather is forecast for Canadians.

So after a really hot summer  and early autumn weather what do we have to face?

Will we have an early winter?

And what will it be like?

And what about the fall?

The answer is simple – it’s all good news about our weather.

We can expect a mild fall and a gradual easing into winter.

The prediction comes from the The Weather Network.

The network says winter won’t come early this year.

Instead Canadians can enjoy a mild fall until the end of November.

“Our forecast team at The Weather Network is seeing this fall as a less roller-coaster ride than we normally see as we go from summer into winter,” says Chris Scott, The Weather Network’s chief meteorologist.

“Fall is one of those transition seasons where it is a wild roller-coaster ride.

“We are going to see some weeks where it’s warm and some weeks that are cold, but this year it’s not quite the steepness of the drops and rises we sometimes see this time of the year.”

Great Canadian Fall Winter Weather Forecast

Scott says the temperature transition from the fall to December will be smooth.

In fact, most of the country will experience near normal or above normal temperatures.

And even though Alberta and British Columbia already have had snow Canada “won’t see the sudden drop into winter as we normally do.”

“We’re not going to lock into a winter pattern right in November it looks like, so that means we’ve got a couple months to go here where folks that like fall foliage — they’re going to get their chance to enjoy the fall colours.

“There’s going to be a pretty good amount of time to go hiking and do activities outdoors and for farmers with harvesting,” he says.

See Scott’s regional breakdown of Canada’s weather.

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