Hot Shopping Trend Offers Dining Shopping

Hot Shopping Trend Offers Dining Shopping

Hot shopping trend offers dining shopping and customers love  it.

And it’s a one stop affairs – shop and dine out in the same place.

They are called grocerants.

And it is catching on with Canadians.

It’s the latest trend as grocery stores seek to bring in more customers into their tent.

At grocerants you can eat delicious food and and also do your food shopping.

The reason?

Canadians are leading busier lives than ever.

This often prevents them from cooking meals at home.

The solution is to eat out.

And eating out now means having another option than a restaurant.

Now you can you can eat at your local grocerant store.

And make no mistake about it – some of these places are sophisticated.

In-house chefs prepare delicious meals.

You can have wine or beer with your meals.

And a lot of the meals are prepared with the health conscious customer in mind.

Hot Shopping Trend Offers Dining Shopping

And when you think about it – it all makes sense.

You’ve had a busy day but you need to do some food shopping.

So why not enjoy a great meal and then shop – all under one roof.

The numbers tell the story how popular they are.

In 2017 sales of ready-prepared meals grew by 20 per cent.

And these meals captured an eight per cent market share.

The NPD Group Canada, says this is the fastest growing meal segment.

And although there are no hard statistics available for grocerants  in Canada they are for the United States.

And they are phenomenal.

The NPD Group says grocerants generated 2.4 billion new visits in 2016.

And more than $10 billion (U.S.) in sales.

Today smaller grocery chain have to be nimble, innovative and quick in the market place.

The big stores such as Costco and Wal-Mart have stolen major market share from them.

So these grocerants offer something the big chains can’t.

But there also is something else at work.

What Canadians are eating now, they would not eat years ago.

It is all part and parcel of a continually changing food scene.

And only those that respond to them and respond  quickly will survive.

And also be aware that:

Canadian eating habits constantly change. 

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