How Long Can You Live – The Answer Will Surprise You – The Limit Has Not Been Reached

How long can you live? The quest to live longer has been one of mankind's dreams. To live longer has been one of man's dreams for centuries.

How long can you live?

The quest to live longer has been one of mankind’s dreams.

To live longer has been one of man’s dreams for centuries.

And today some of the world’s wealthiest have turned to all sorts of procedures and medical treatments – all in the hope of living longer.

But the facts are in.

Today people are living longer.

And living to be more than 100 years old, no longer is a big deal.

Today people on a world-wide basis who are over a 100 years old number 450,000.

And that number will increase continually.

Here are some facts to consider.

Since 1900 the average life expectancy on a world-wide basis has more than doubled.

The reason?

Better nutrition, public health and sanitation.

And now a new research study suggests that there is no limit to how long we can live.

A startling conclusion to be sure.

So how did researchers reach that conclusion.

“The team ended up with a database of 3,836 elderly Italians. The researchers tracked down death certificates for those who died in the study period and determined the rate at which various age groups were dying.

It’s long been known that the death rate starts out somewhat high in infancy and falls during the early years of life. It climbs again among people in their thirties, finally skyrocketing among those in their seventies and eighties.”

And then came the startling conclusion of the study:

“Among extremely old Italians, they discovered, the death rate stops rising — the curve abruptly flattens into a plateau.

The researchers also found that people who were born in later years have a slightly lower mortality rate when they reach 105.”

Find out more about the study and how long can you live.

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