Humboldt Showcases World-Wide Broncos Love

Humboldt Showcases

Humboldt showcases love for the Broncos hockey team.

The exhibition featuring paintings, jerseys, banners, flags and quilts is from all over the world.

The items are on display at the Humboldt & District gallery and museum.

As a way to pay tribute to the victims, people continue to donate items on a weekly basis at Humboldt’s visitor centre, the RCMP detachment or wherever they feel comfortable.

Humboldt made the decision to put all items in a place where they are readily available for the public to see them under one roof.

Previously these items were given to the local RCMP office and city hall by people still wanting to show their concern and grief.

“It’s a very powerful and emotional exhibit,” said curator Jennifer Fitzpatrick.

“We really tried to select pieces that show how heartfelt people’s sentiments were.”

The exhibit showcases Humboldt’s love for the Broncos.

It’s almost been four months now – when the world was shocked.

Shocked that on April 6 at total of sixteen people died and 13 were injured when a westbound sem-trailer struck a northbound coach bus carrying members of the Humboldt Broncos junior ice hockey team.

The tragedy struck a chord in Canada’s soul and abroad.

Record donations poured in and at the end a grand total of 415.1 million was raised out of an original objective of $4 million.

It’s hard to say but the horrific crash touched something all of us.

Was it because most of those who died were young men in the prime of their lives.

Was it something unexplainable that people reacted with such emotion and anguish.

We shall never really know all the reasons.

But we do know this was something that hit a nerve – and hitting a nerve in our social-media obsessed world that is something special.

But as so often happens the good folks of Humboldt are having to continue to go on with their lives despite the tragedy.

They had to contend with another reminder of this terrible event when a 29-year old truck driver was charged 16 counts of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, causing death, and 13 counts of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, causing bodily harm.

Both are criminal charges.

Here is the full story on the exhibition,  showcasing the items on display.


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