IKEA Canada Old Furniture Buyback

IKEA Canada Old Furniture Buyback

IKEA Canada old furniture buyback is now in full swing.

The decision follows a trial run in Australia.

In Canada IKEA will take back its used furniture in exchange for a store credit.

The returned furniture has to be – gently used.

But what constitutes gently used?

Think along the lines of – it could have a second life in someone else’s home.

And that means stained, broken or mangled, items are out.

Also items such as mattresses and soft textile goods are a no no.

Returned furniture will be sold at reduced prices under an – As Is – section.

As well customer have to return it fully set up.

In July a buy back scheme  was only in effect at one store in Australia.

But the company indicated it would consider expanding it to other countries.

And now the buyback program is in effect in Canada, Japan and Portugal.

The rationale behind the move is to reduce the environmental impact of old furniture on landfills.

IKEA Canada Old Furniture Buyback

And the new service is an attempt by IKEA to become more sustainable.

“Sustainability is at the heart of the IKEA business. At IKEA…we’re committed to creating a more sustainable future. Caring for your most prized possessions is something we all try our utmost to do, and here at IKEA,.. we’re no exception.

“Whether you want to breathe new life into unwanted items, or part ways with them for good, we’re here to help,” IKEA says.

But aside from the environmental issue the buy back program also is a smark marketing and buyer loyalty move.

Want to sell your old IKEA furniture back to the company?

First you have to join to become an IKEA FAMILY member.

This is the company’s loyalty program.

It offers lots of perks including access to the buy-back program.

And here is all the information you need to know on how to do it.

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