Ina Garten Doing It All Herself

Ina Garten Doing It All Herself

Ina Garten doing it all herself is a celebrated TV chef and cook.

But although this iconic chef has her own TV show she spends little time on it.

In fact, she considers herself to be cookbook writer, instead of a TV chef.

To her the show, Barefoot Contessa, is to sell her cookbooks.

She spends a total of around six weeks a year to get her show on the air.

Ina Garten Doing It All Herself

And even that is split into three-week stints.

“My business is cookbooks, and TV is really good for supporting that,” she says.

The newsletter Eater did an extensive interview with Garten.

And her cookbooks are runaway best sellers.

So far she has 10.6 million of her cookbooks in print.

Her latest one had a print run of 1.4 million.

It is called- Make It Ahead: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook.

It’s all about not spending precious time cooking during a romantic Parisian New Year’s Eve.

Her road to being a cookbook author has been totally unconventional.

Garten received no professional training.

Instead, she is self-taught.

And French and New England cookbooks helped her launch her cooking career.

And whenever she had concocted a dish she relied on friends and customers to define and refine her recipes.

By that time she had opened up the Barefoot Contessa, a foodies’ paradise.

It catered to the well-to-do and wealthy in the East Hamptons, outside of New York.

She ran it for 25 years and sold it to her employees.

And it was at that point she decided to write cookbooks.

Ina Garten Doing It All Herself

And she did.

Her first cookbook was published in 1999.

And her approach and look has remained the same through her 37-year-food career.

“Ina has remained remarkably unchanged in both concept and presentation, with her bangs ‘n bob, and her cute, untucked, custom-made button-front shirts that are literally the only tops she wears.

“The only time I have seen her forehead is in a black-and-white picture from her wedding day. Her veil is pushed back and she is smiling, her husband Jeffrey is laughing and in uniform, and they are cutting what looks like a quite inedible three-tiered cake.

“But even as she has stood all these decades stirring and paring, laughing and cocktailing, her hair, nails, skin — all the exposed human parts — each has become more coddled and elegant and more content.

“Her hair has reached peak spectacularity, it shines with under-color and moves with glory; her manicure is impeccable; the skin of her face is hydrated and lush.

“She looks flush, in a way that she didn’t when she started out marketing ideas of comfort and contentment and wealth. She laughs constantly.”

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