Jaguar Poaching For China

Jaguar Poaching For China

Jaguar poaching for China is causing consternation and concern among environmentalists.

Jaguars are being killed in increasing numbers.

And they are being killed to order.

The reason?

Jaguar Poaching For China

To meet demand from China.

The Chinese are using jaguar teeth as substitutes for tiger teeth.

The jaguar teeth are made into necklaces.

And these necklaces are worn as status symbols.

There also is the belief that they protect the wearer from evil.

As well jaguar teeth are used to make a medicinal product.

It is called glue.

The area where the killings are taking place is Suriname.

The Suriname poachers are Chinese.

The jaguar teeth are smuggled out of the country in carry-on luggage on commercial airlines.

Jaguar Poaching For China

World Animal Protection, an organization protecting wild animals, released the findings of an investigation into the practice.

The headline said:

Undercover investigation:

Shocking new evidence finds wild jaguars cruelly poached to fuel traditional Asian medicine trade.

It continued in a statement:

“Alarming evidence launched today by World Animal Protection reveals a deadly trade of jaguar body parts being trafficked illegally for the use of traditional Asian medicine from the South American country of Suriname.

“The majestic big cats known for their elaborate markings are being poached and processed to be exported to China.

“The process, which involves boiling down their bodies for up to a week until it turns into a glue or treacle like paste, sold on the black market in tubs, and until now, has been undocumented.

“The product is used in the belief that it can be used to treat arthritis pain, sexual performance and to enhance health despite the fact that there are proven alternatives readily available.

“Images collected show the lifeless body of a jaguar tied up from its feet, hanging from a wooden pole upside down; another image shows a girl standing next to another slaughtered jaguar, posing shamelessly for the camera with a grin.

“Video footage shows a dead male jaguar fastened down onto a small tractor.”

Nicholas Bruschi, Investigations Advisor at World Animal Protection, says:

“This investigation has uncovered a shocking underground trade exploiting an iconic animal of the South American rainforests in a barbaric way for unproven traditional Asian medicine.

“Jaguars already face the challenges of habitat destruction and human animal conflicts. They are now cruelly and needlessly killed, left to die agonising deaths. It is extremely sad news for these incredible big cats whose numbers are already in decline.

And, while jaguar cubs might seem very cute, they are still wild animals and belong in the wild, not in the illegal pet trade.”

And not only is there a demand for Jaguars in China but also for lion parts.

And the demand for parts is something new.

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