Jeremy Nuttall An Investigative Journalist

Jeremy Nuttall An Investigative Journalist

Jeremy Nuttall an investigative journalist is digging up the stories in British Columbia.

Jeremy is the lead investigative reporter for StarMetro Vancouver.

That means serious competition for The Vancouver Sun and The Province.

And his efforts are a return to some basic fundamentals of good journalism.

Get the stories that no one else has and people will flock to them.

And that’s proving to be the case for Jeremy and the team of reporters he works with.

StarMetro Vancouver is an adjunct to one of Canada’s top newspapers, the Toronto Star.

It is a new venture for the Toronto Star.

For years it has been floundering – losing advertising and subscriptions in droves, much like many other newspapers throughout the world.

The company  publishes more than 80 newspapers and operates dozens of digital businesses in Canada

But now with a new executive team in place the Toronto Star has embarked on a new corporate strategy.

Part of it is a focus on investigative reporting.

Jeremy Nuttall An Investigative Journalist

Hence the establishment of a three-person bureau in Vancouver.

And the Vancouver bureau is one of several similar ones across Canada.

The new Vancouver bureau is a clear recognition that giving people “the same old, same old”, journalism as Jeremy puts it – no longer works.

Jeremy has had a varied career in journalism.

When he worked at The Tyee, a widely respected on-line news magazine and newsletter publication his biography said this about Jeremy:

“Born on the banks of the Fraser River in New Westminster, Jeremy grew up smelling the cedar, salt water and sulfur of Burrard Inlet in Port Moody.

“At age 18 he took a train trip across Canada, which sparked a curiosity about the country.

“He studied French and journalism in New Brunswick, Quebec and British Columbia before setting out for his first reporter job at the Crowsnest Pass Promoter in Blairmore, Alberta.”

Jeremy Nuttall An Investigative Journalist

After that Jeremy worked in different parts of Canada.

He did a stint at CBC Radio.

As well he worked in Beijing hosting a radio show.

In the interview Jeremy talks about:

Readers today are looking for unique and one-of-a-kind stories.

Dishing out the same old stories that everyone else has no longer works.

The principles of great journalism – investigative reporting – are making a comeback.

The response to the investigative stories he and the team have uncovered has exceeded expectations.

One of the most underreported topics  is the influence of laundered Chinese money in Vancouver.

But he and his team are working on that.

What he learned as a journalist and as a person during his stint in China.

Why Vancouver is a great city despite all of its serious problems.

The mystery of why British Columbia has the most missing people in the country.

And here is one of the stories about missing people in B.C. by Jeremy.

Here is a story by Jeremy about a doctor that lied to B.C.’S medical college and got his license.

You can follow Jeremy on Twitter at

Want to reach Jeremy?

And let’s hope the new corporate strategy at the Toronto Star works.

So far Canadian news media are flailing.

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