Johnny Cash Ring Of Fire On Fire In North Vancouver

Johnny Cash Ring of Fire on fire in North Vancouver.

This rare, riveting, dramatic, intense and magical musical journey is live theatre at its best.

And it is community theatre.

But that designation doesn’t do the show justice.

So let’s revise that and say, it is beyond community theatre.

It is polished, professional, flawless and makes for a great evening out.

This 2 1/2 hour show will make you hum, want to strum, as an all musical cast tells the story of one of the world’s greatest entertainers, the late Johnny Cash.

But it was more than remembering Cash.

It was all about celebrating his music.

And it was the vision and creativity of the show’s director, Claude Giroux, that takes the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Why you might well ask?

Celebrating Cash’s music requires celebrating its different variations, rhythms and styles.

Hence Giroux’s decision to have three different actors sing and perform their way through Cash’s musical journey of discovery.



So, let’s talk about creativity.

Creativity is not being daring and controversial.

Anyone can fit that mold.

Rather creativity is taking the ordinary and turning into the extraordinary.

Johnny Cash Ring Of Fire Is On Fire In North Vancouver

Into the realm of magic and make belief that will make you say – brilliant.

And creativity can be the smallest of things.

And Giroux hits the mark throughout the entire evening.

It was his idea to leave the theatre’s doors open throughout the show.

People could come and go.

Go to the bar and buy a drink and even take it into the theatre,




Let’s turn traditional community theatre upside down.

And then there was that large TV screen.

Large and suspended

Right there on the wonderful evocative set of Ring of Fire.

A set that reminds you of a honky-tonk good ole boys bar deep in the Mississippi delta where everyone looks at you when you enter.

Looks at you, the stranger that has entered their space – a space that gives everyday folks comfort, solace and a reprieve from the daily back-wrenching work of picking cotton.

Or the sordid hardships endured on a chain gang , that you’ve become a part of, for a crime you did not commit.

And the Ring of Fire cast   – 11 of them –  takes  us on a musical journey.

A musical repertoire from the blues, to rock n roll, to gospel to hillbilly.

And every one of the actors performed well, sang well.

A rare feat – given that none of them were professional actors.

But rather everyday people giving their time, their soul, their everything, to be on stage.

And entertain us.

Surprise us.

Provide us with a glimpse into a world that we became a part of.

Johnny Cash Ring Of Fire Is On Fire In North Vancouver

But a world we knew nothing about.

Until they came along.



And the audience loved it.

And of course all of Cash’s best known numbers were there – Ring of Fire, I Walk The Line, Folsom Prison Blues, A Boy Named Sue.

And back to that TV screen – a Giroux idea – it provides an endless array of visual images – it acts as a visual cue to establish a mood, to set up a scene or a piece of music.



A great show is the sum of all of its parts, lighting, staging, acting, directing, choreographing and singing.

The show is produced by First Impressions Theatre.

No wonder it is sold out.

But it will come back.

Discussions are underway as to when.

So when all the parts of a show come together in Zen-like harmony you have something special and memorable.

Ring of Fire was all of that.


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