Killing Tires Vicious Congolese Rebels

Killing Tires Vicious Congolese Rebels

Killing tires vicious Congolese rebels and there is no end in sight.

It defies convention but it’s true.

People are being killed in the most horrific ways that most of us cannot relate to.

It is horrific, evil, and that is why we are doing a story on it.

And the impact is devastating on people.


Here is how Vice News described the situation.

“Sitting in a tiny concrete office in eastern Congo, Jean Baptiste Kavunga opened his laptop and clicked through a slideshow of mutilated bodies. “I took this video while crying, “ he said, showing me a picture of charred corpses, ”they burned down this house with the civilians inside it.”

He shuffled through pictures of adults with their heads sliced open. “They might kill people with a machete… or they might cut their throats.” One picture featured at least nine children in the foreground, not bloodied like the adults but clearly lifeless. They had been clubbed to death.”

Jean Baptiste Kavunga and Jean Paul Ngahangondi track the violence of rebels in North Kivu, Eastern Congo.

The two are part of Convention for the Respect of Human Rights (CRDH).

Killing Tires Vicious Congolese Rebels

The area they work in is known as the triangle of death.

The rebels are members of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) one of the least known.

But they are the most vicious terror groups in the area.

Their exact number is unknown but estimates are they have between 1,000 to 2,000 members.

The group has attracted members from all over Africa and as far away as the United Kingdom.

“They go in and just take advantage of villages,” says Russ Feingold.

He was a former special envoy for the Obama administration.

There’s nobody to really stop them. That’s exactly what parts of the Eastern Congo are, and it can become a very strong hotbed of people who want to do us harm if we don’t pay attention.”

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