Lisa Ford TV Journalism Trailblazer A 30-Year Career

lisa ford

Lisa Ford is special in many respects.

For 30 years she took care of her staff.

She showed them the ropes and all with a great sense of humour.

Today many of the hundreds of people she mentored and coached have gone on to bigger broadcasting careers.

Ford helped budding broadcasters achieve their dreams.

And here are just two of them.

Jay Onrait is  with TSN and Vassy Kapelos, is the host of the West Block and Ottawa bureau chief with Global News.

No wonder many gave her the affectionate nickname Mama Bear.

But make no mistake about Lisa Ford could be as tough as nails.

And when all is said and done Lisa Ford is a journalism trailblazer – an achievement spanning a 30-year career.

“I will miss the people the most.

“I will miss the coaching people, mentoring people, helping people achieve their dreams and their goals, that’s what’s most important to me and that’s what I’ll miss the most.”

Ford began her broadcasting career at a Swift Current radio station after graduating from the Communication Arts program at Lethbridge College in 1984.

She moved  to television in Red Deer before joining the original on-air team at STV, now Global Saskatoon.

In 1991 Lisa moved into management as news director.

And she was one of the few female news directors in Canada at that time..

In 2012 she added the title of station manager.

But life in broadcasting has not always been easy. Early in her career she was subjected to sexual harassment by her boss.

And in an unheard move she fought it.  And she won but would not accept a monetary settlement.

But she did something else – she asked that a poster be displayed in the radio station’s lobby reminding everyone that harassment has no place in the workplace.

And she was a pioneer.

She continued as an on-air personality while pregnant,  a move unheard of during those days.

Not all viewers liked it and many scorned her for doing so.

Ford has been recognized for her work in advocating for women in the broadcast industry.

She received the highest recognition from her peers.

In 2015 The Radio Television and Digital News Association of Canada (RTDNA) recognized her for her continued excellence and outstanding service to the industry with its Lifetime Achievement Award.

She also was recognized by Lethbridge College at its Honouring Excellence Awards as the 2016 Career Virtuoso recipient.

On the day of her retirement the station paid an on-air-tribute to her.

Lisa Ford is on Twitter – @JustLisaFord


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