Listen To The World In All Variations

Listen To The World In All Variations

Listen to the world in all variations in a refreshing and unique way.

Hear the sound of the earth cracking in Chile’s Atacama Desert.

The deafening roar of Iceland’s Dettifoss waterfall.

Take a tour of the world and its wonderful, enchanting and captivating sounds.

It’s all part of a new venture by the New York Times.

To bring the sounds of the world to you the reader.

Listen To The World In All Variations

Listening to sound is a wonderful experience.

It will help relax you, refresh you and inspire creativity.

City slickers love the sounds of nature.

And with good reason.

Study after study confirms that communing with Mother Nature is good for you on many different levels.

It helps you sleep better, it reduces anxiety, it gets your creative juices going, it helps you deal better with the daily hurly burly of life.

But Mother Nature is not always available so a new booming business has arisen.

The natural sound business.

But in the meantime enjoy your world journey with sound.

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