Live Longer Help Others Is True

Live longer help others is true

Live longer help others is true.

It sounds like a contradiction.

But it isn’t.

Study after study confirms it.

Especially the latest one from the University of British Columbia.

This research study did the following:

People with high blood pressure were given money to spend.

Over a three-week period they were each given $40.

Half of the group were able to spend the money on themselves.

The other half bought gifts for a friend, donate to a charity or use the money to help others.

After a few weeks the blood pressure of the participants were measured.

It turned out the blood pressure dropped significantly – both systolic and diastolic – of those who spent money on others.

Live Longer Help Others Is True

The researchers concluded that people who provided support to friends, relatives and neighbours likely lived longer.

Another study showed the same thing.

In this study people were studied for 20 years.

And here is its conclusion.

“The people in the study were followed for almost 20 years.

“The researchers found that grandparents who watched their grandchildren, and older adults who helped their adult children, were more likely to be alive 10 years after their first interview at the start of the study.

“Among the people who did not provide this type of care, half of the group died five years after the start of the study.”

Here is the full story.

More than 10 studies also have demonstrated regular voluntary work is great for your health.

So the benefits of giving rather than receiving are more than just spiritual.

They are, in fact, of great benefit to your health.

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