Lovebirds Receive Early Christmas Present

Lovebirds Receive Early Christmas Present

Lovebirds receive early Christmas present despite all the odds being against them.

It happened in New York.

Their names were John Drennan and Daniella Anthony.

And it happened in Times Square.

They were both from England.

Both of them had gotten engaged in Central Park.

After that they went to Times Square.

That is where he decided to slip the ring on her finger.

And then it happened.

The ring was too big.

It slipped off and tumbled into the abyss of a Times Square sidewalk grate.

They reported the loss to a New York police officer.

So they waited hoping the police officer would find it.

After an hour-long wait they gave up hope and left.

And they had not left their name with the officer.

Lovebirds Receive Early Christmas Present

For both of them that was the end of the story.

Furthermore, the groom was convinced the ring would never be found.

So upon his return to England he bought a second ring.

In the meantime, the police had found the ring.

What to do?

The police did not know where they lived or who they were.

But Twitter came to the rescue.

The police posted on Twitter using surveillance footage of the couple trying to retrieve the ring.

And to make a long story short – the couple was found.

They were re-united with the lost ring.

But even that had a strange and unique twist to it.

It happened on a television talk show.

They were asked to fly to Hollywood to appear on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

All for the purpose of getting their ring back.

But there was a surprise.

Two of them in fact.

The police officers who had retrieved the ring were there.

And John Drennan got down on his knees again.

To propose to bride-to-be Daniella Anthony for the second time.

Not only were they both happy.

But so were the New York police officers.

So were all the television viewers.

And all the social media followers of the saga of the lost and retrieved ring.


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