Luxury Chicken Diapers Business Booming

luxury chicken diapers

Business is booming for luxury chicken diapers.

But today Julie Baker is a figurehead for the luxury chicken diaper industry,

Her company is Pampered Poultry.

She started it in 2010 and before that she had never heard of chicken diapers.

Baker’s inspiration for her company Pampered Poultry came after seeing a You Tube video.

It showed a chicken wearing what looked like an upside-down apron.

Baker and her daughter had an Old English hen named Abigail that they kept in their house.

And because chickens poop up to six times a day she thought a diaper would be a good way to deal with Abigail’s poop.

So Baker started sewing Abigail’s diapers out of cotton fabric.

And the word spread.

Other chicken owners asked Baker to make diapers for their chicken pets.

Baker realized there was something to these chicken diapers.

So she opened an on-line store for chicken diapers.

And the orders kept pouring in.

First it was from her friends.

And then her customer base expanded.

It was from people wanting to keep their pet chickens indoor.

And they started posting stylish chicken pictures of their pets on Instagram.

And that’s when business really took off.

Today Baker sells 500 to 1,000 diapers a month.

They sell for $18 each.

And having a chicken as a pet is the in thing to do today.

Owners are buying their chickens speciality food, take them for walks and treat them like kids.

And in wealthy cities such as San Francisco owning a chicken has become a status symbol.

In fact, they have gone to extraordinary lengths to keep their chickens happy and content.

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