Mandarin Duck Mystery New York Vancouver

Mandarin Duck Mystery New York Vancouver

Mandarin duck mystery New York Vancouver has people puzzled.

How did this elusive duck – a native of East Asia – show up in New York and Vancouver?

Mandarin ducks are world-renowned.

They have an array of dazzling multi-coloured feathers.

And many regard it as the world’s most beautiful bird.

But Canada’s Mandarin duck scored first.

It has  been spotted for the last six months in Burnaby, a suburb outside Vancouver.

Mind you its appearances have been rather low-key.

In contrast the New York Mandarin duck.

It was front-and-centre in Central Park, one of the city’s major attractions.

And soon the New York duck gained international attention.

The question needs to be asked?

Is the New York duck a show off?

A kind of brash New York resident?

And is the Vancouver duck low-key like most Canadians?

Mandarin Duck Mystery New York Vancouver

So which duck reigns supreme?

Well, one thing we know – the Vancouver was first before the New York one.

It settled in Burnaby Lake about six months ago.

And we Canucks have been respectful.

“The Burnaby Lake community has been very Canadian-like and not bothered him too much,” says Irene Lau, chair of the Burnaby Lake Park Association, in an interview with the CBC.

And the duck itself?

“It’s kept a respectful distance.”

Lau says she first saw the duck in September.

Lau finally came face to face with the bird in late September.

“It’s just magnificent,” she says. “It’s wonderful to see pictures, but there’s nothing quite like seeing it for yourself.”

Lau also revealed that a Mandarin duck was spotted in two other Vancouver places.

They Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Park and the Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park.

But she says it is not known whether these were different Mandarin ducks or the one from Burnaby Lake.

Mandarin Duck Mystery New York Vancouver

Meanwhile in New York, bird enthusiasts were having a field day.

The duck was spotted in Central Park four weeks ago.

And even the New York Times was enraptured.

“On the crescent-shaped pond in the southeast corner of Central Park, a spectacularly colorful duck floats on the surface with an air of majesty.

“His head looks like a punk rocker’s multicolored mohawk.

“Beneath his beady black eyes, fringed orange feathers splay across his dark purple chest. His bill is colored a striking hot pink and sits under an emerald-green forehead.

“The male Mandarin duck, native to East Asia, should not be in the middle of Manhattan. And yet, against all odds, he is here. And he is dazzling”.

The duck was a big attraction.

A video of it went viral.

But then suddenly it disappeared for a week weeks.

And then it was seen again.

And now it has disappeared once again.

One theory is that it is hiding somewhere in Central Park.

Another one is that it has flown the coop for warmer climes.

Well, at least Canada is out of the question.

Our Canuck Mandarin duck must be pleased.

It now reigns supreme.



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