A Disgrace And Tragedy In How Many Canadians Forced To Use Food Banks

Many Canadians forced to use food banks:Canada by all standards is a rich country.But despite that we still don't get a lot of things right

Many Canadians forced to use food banks:

Canada by all standards is a rich country.

But despite that we still don’t get a lot of things right.

Eliminating poverty is a key one.

Hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars are spent each year fighting poverty but it never ever seems enough.

The reason?

One of the major onesĀ  is that government’s more than often hand over the money to local agencies and that’s where the problem lies.

Often these groups squander the money as they have no direct focus on how to deal with povery in an effective and efficient manner.

They are well meaning but lack the skills to do an adequate job.

And what is even worse – sometimes the people who run them do nothing for the poor but everything for themselves.

There was the situation years ago on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, the poorest neighborhood in Canada.

A local group received millions and millions of dollars in government funding to assist the poor, the disadvantaged and the mentally ill.

But then the truth came out – it always does – the executives were flying first class for holidays in Europe, staying in first-class hotels.

And this issue brought home the biggest truth – governments cannot give away millions and millions of dollars to groups supposedly helping those who need it without supervising.

But for politicians – the policy of see no evil, hear no evil is the one they like the most.

There are many Canadians forced to use food banks, but like Pontious Pilate politicians have washed their hands of the problem.

Unless that changes the staggering statistics of how many Canadians have used food banks will continue.

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